Edible Art for Your Special Occasion

Celebrate the People You Love with the Gift of Cookies

The special people in our lives deserve a little something every now and then to let them know when we congratulate them, when we commiserate with them, that they are loved, valued, and that they deserve sugar confections!

Akers of Cookies celebrates those unique and diverse people with little edible pieces of art that are hand-created especially with them in mind.

If you want to show someone you love them by giving them a special heart-crafted gift, you’ve come to the right place!

Fair Pricing

These aren’t just ordinary cookies. These are edible pieces of art! Take a look at the process that goes into making these delicious hand-crafted cookies and see how I price each set.

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Great Flavors

Whether you like the classics such as chocolate and vanilla or you’re craving something more exotic like pumpkin spice or cotton candy, you’ll love the delicious flavors baked into every cookie.

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Local Goodness

This is just a hobby…not a big business. So you’re supporting your neighbors and keeping your money in the Hampton Roads community! I don’t deliver or ship, but you can pick up your order when it’s ready in Western Branch of Chesapeake.

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If you have questions or just need to get in touch, please email jenakers@akersofcookies.com.


I am a hobby baker doing this for fun on the side. It's not a business. While I keep a super clean kitchen, this just means that I don't meet any specific requirements about allergens or cross contamination. If you have any questions about the cookies or the process, please let me know.